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IY (Incredible Years) Is...

The Incredible Years Dinosaur Social Skills and Problem-Solving Curriculum, developed by Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton, is a comprehensive child training program for use by teachers and counselors in the classroom (pre-K - 2).

PCS Early Childhood Department Partners with Safe and Healthy Schools and Incredible Years.
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This curriculum uses video tapes, puppets, special activities, games, and books to teach young children positive social skills, conflict and anger management skills, emotional literacy, appropriate school behaviors, and reading, writing, and communications skills in order to promote their positive self-esteem and general social, emotional, and academic competence.

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Dinosaur School consists of a Large Group, Sma
ll Group, and Homework activities.  Large group (where the students are gathered in a  circle, usually on a carpet) is where the concept/skill is introduced, discussed, and modeled using the puppets, vignettes, visual cue cards, books, and role play.  Small group (where the students are in groups of 6-8) is where the students have an opportunity to practice the concept/skill being taught using the variety of activities that are provided.  In
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kindergarten, the teacher normally po
sitions themselves as a center as the children rotate through centers.  In pre-k, since they have 2 teachers, they split the group in 2 where both teachers have a small group.  These skills are then promoted and praised throughout the day.  Each day building on one another.  Finally, a homework activity i
s given to the child to do with an adult at home, promoting parent involvement.  The teachers do a great job of promoting Dinosaur School in their classroom.  They send newsletters, pictures, have boards dedicated to student's work,
praise students for
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their positive behaviors and encourage the children to express their feelings in a positive manner.

Currently, we have implemented the Incredible Years Program in 38 kindergarten and pre-k classrooms within the 22 elementary schools in the district. The students in these schools are receiving valuable social-emotional skills.

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The Keys to the Success of the Incredible Years Program (Dinosaur School):
  • Planning
  • Presenting
  • Practicing
  • Promoting
Submitted by Kelly Watson, Student Support Coach, Early Childhood Education Department